Morgan | Senior Portraits | Parker Photographer

Morgan | Senior Portraits | Parker Photographer

I’ve met a lot of amazing seniors as a photographer. I love getting to know each senior I photograph on a personal level. I enjoy learning about who they are. Every senior has a story. Morgan’s story is a story of strength.

Morgan was in my wife’s 4th grade classroom many years ago. My wife remembers her being a hard worker and very intelligent student. Fast forward to this summer and Morgan had a very short two day window for her senior portraits.  This is because Morgan is having brain surgery this summer. As I talked with Morgan about her surgery I was impressed with the sense of calmness and strength she displayed. I hope I get this correct, but in non-technical terms Morgan’s brain is too big for her skull and surgery is required to push the brain back into place.

Our session was scheduled for a Monday evening. Unfortunately, it rained like cats and dogs. We were left with the choice of Tuesday morning or Tuesday evening for the session. Morgan really wanted to spend the last night before her surgery with friends so she agreed to meet me at 6:30 in the morning for her session. This is the first time I have had a senior agree to a morning session. : ) The next morning was absolutely gorgeous, but the grass and ground were soaking wet. With all of the rain we have received this year the tall grass meant that we were soaked by the time we were done walking through the fields to get to our location. Oh, and we were also stopped by a heard of cattle that must have gotten loose during the storm the night before. It was an adventure, but I am sure you will agree that Morgan does not look like a senior who is going to wake up the next morning for brain surgery. Enjoy!

Three days after the session I received a text from Morgan saying she had just arrived home from the hospital and was doing better.

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  1. We love them, Adam! Thank you for being flexible with the weather and crazy time line. You were a pleasure to work with.

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