Panama | Travel | Castle Rock Photographer

Panama | Travel | Castle Rock Photographer

Over spring break I spend eight days in Panama! It is hard to summarize the trip without writing a novel, but I want to share a little about the trip here. We spent most of our trip staying in Panama City. Due to traffic, it is best to stay in the city and take day trips that way you avoid sitting in traffic. It was also important to us to spend several days outside of Panama City. We went to the town of Chitre´ for two nights. It was here where we were able to see and learn so much about the countryside and artisans of Panama.

Here is a list of the places that we went to that I would recommend you visit when you take your trip to Panama.

  1. Panama Viejo – The ruins of the original Spanish city that was attacked by pirates. Arrr!
  2. Casco Viejo – The 2nd city established by the Spanish after relocating from Panam Viejo. Lots of great culture and old buildings
  3. Mira Flores Locks – If you want to see the Panama Canal in action this is the place.
  4. Monkey Island Tour – Monkeys came down out of the trees and jumped on our boat. Plus you get a boat ride on the canal and Gatun Lake
  5. Portobello – An old fort on the Caribbean that protected against pirates! We added a snorkeling trip on to our day after visiting the fort.
  6. Chitre´- If you really want to experience a country I think you must get out of the city.
  7. Amador Causeway – This is a great walk that will give you some great view of the city during the day or at night.
  8. Metropolitan National Park – It is the only wildlife refuge in the city. On our trip, we saw a toucan, howler monkeys, and a sloth.

Below are some of my favorite photos from the trip. I hope they inspire you to take a trip to Panama! Enjoy!

~ Adam

When I travel to new places I love to photograph doors. They have so much character. Here are a few of my favorites from Panama.

I always have to get a jumping picture in!

A few photos from our hotels.

And finally a look at the GPS photo tags from my camera. Missing is the day we went to Portobello. I had the GPS turned off that day to conserve battery.

3 thoughts on “Panama | Travel | Castle Rock Photographer

  1. Love these pics and the memories they bring back. Panama is vivid and bright through your lense.

  2. Ah, the Chivas…brightly colored buses! However, in Mexico they are called Camarones (buses) because a chiva, literally, is a goat!!! Spanish expressions vary as much between countries as do expressions in English ! The sloths are hilarious. Did you get to visit the “flat arch” church in Panama City? It was a ruin when we were there but the arch was still standing. This article states the arch collaped in 2003…bummer. The story goes that the French & later the US engineers looked at it and decided that Panama was a good location for a canal….it that arch could stand then there must be few earthquakes in the area. Supposedly the mortar for the arch was beach sand and MILK!! Glad you had a great time!!

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