In July I took a 10 day trip to England with Kristen. On our trip, we spent 6 nights in London and 2 nights in Bath. While in London we stayed in a hotel on the South Bank right next to the London Eye. It was great to be close to all of the main attractions. We traveled around London via the Underground.

July is a great month to visit London. The weather is warmer and there is not as much rain. However, be prepared for a lot of tourists.

We took a train to Bath and then rented a car as our hotel was just outside the city. While in Bath we visited the Roman Bath House and spent an evening at a spa. The next morning we spend the day driving around the Cotswolds. We visited the villages of Castle Combe, Cirencester, Bibury, and the Broadway Tower. Enjoy!

~ Adam

London Eye
The Shard
Westminster Abbey
Tower Bridge at night
Millennium Bridge at night

Even at night, there are lots of tourists at the big attractions. Taking a long exposure picture allowed people to walk in and out of the photo without showing up like they did in the day time photo.

Windsor Castle
Castle Combe
Castle Combe

If you want to get pictures of Castle Combe or Arlington Row plan on getting to these villages early in the morning or later in the evening. When we arrived at Castle Combe there were a few tourists but we were all at the same end of the village so I was able to get a few pictures without any tourists. By the time we got to Bibury after lunch Arlington Row as packed with people. I was able to get a few closer up shots but I was not able to get any without tourists of the entire row. If you are planning on traveling from village to village pick a larger one like Cirencester for lunch as it will provide you with more restaurant options.

Bibury – Arlington Row
Broadway Tower

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